Kristian Marco Barroga

Development Manager of i3TechHub Solutions Inc.

About Kristian

Marco is a Computer Science graduate fond of Information Technology trends and its global
impact to society such as the automation of traditional labor for various industries. His organized
and coherent thoughts made it easy visualizing any required systems or applications for his clients.
Being a millenial, Marco had exceptional hands-on experience as a full stack web and software
developer. He has created a wide array of robust, user-friendly, and scalable software for
industries both in government agencies for five years and a representative consultant of private
companies for noteworthy projects.

A few of his technical skills are PHP, PHP Laravel Framework, Javascript, Jquery, Bootstrap
(CSS Front-end Framework), Ajax, HTML. He is an expert in Software IDE called Sublime and
Vscode whereas for other software/websites include Git, Github, LAMP/LEMP Stack, Microsoft
Office Proficiency, Heroku PaaS, DigitalOcean, Linode. Marco has garnered recognition for his
contribution in the Local Government Unit such as the Voucher Records Management System,
Budget Monitoring System Prototype and Annual Investment Plan Record Management System.
As of this writing, he’s on his last leg in his Master in Information Technology with an ongoing
capstone project in a Graduate School. Marco is known as a full-time Instructor of college
students where he nurtures and sparks knowledge to young minds. Notwithstanding his passion
for IT, Marco enjoys every moment with his fianc√© who’s a big encouragement in his chosen